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Our Solutions

Taqa AlKhaleej offers integrated central space heating solutions that meet customers’ needs. These solutions cover radiators heating systems, underfloor heating systems and they adopt natural gas heating to provide environment-friendly solutions.

In order to deploy central space heating systems, TAQA AlKhaleej offers a wide range of boilers that represent the industry’s top technological evolution of gas heating systems. The integration of advanced temperature control and remote control systems allows the operation of these systems to be optimized with great simplicity, ensuring comfort and energy savings.



Being reliable and compact, gas boilers are convenient for collective and commercial applications, their flexibility and modular design satisfy any need, and are designed to be integrated with an external cylinder and renewable energy source. These boilers are the core of central space heating systems.


TAQA Misr central space heating systems and solutions are simply smarter. Heating, water heating, and conditioning systems can be controlled remotely through Apps and smartphones. Connectivity is an advanced way to have domestic comfort under control, to optimize energy consumption, and to rely on prompt support.

Underfloor Heating

Works by heating the air surrounding the intended area through laying polyethylene pipes under the floor surface. The process needed is to pass hot water supplied by a central heater through these pipes. Then, the temperature of the pipes rises and accordingly, the temperature of the floor above rises. The floor temperature range is normally between 28°C and 38°C, which ensures that the ambient air is heated in the required space.

Underfloor heating has many advantages, including:

1. Distribution of heat evenly in the required area, ensuring equal heat distribution throughout the space.

2. Ease of floor installation and coordination, as there is no need for visible heating devices such as the case with radiators heating system.

3. Providing a comfortable heating experience, as the warmth spreads out from below near the feet, which enhances the feeling of comfort and warmth while moving around the place.

4. Fuel efficiency, as underfloor heating is more efficient in gas usage compared to radiator heating.

By installing the underfloor heating system, you can enjoy a comfortable and cozy indoor environment, while having the benefit of even heat distribution and saving fuel consumption.

Choose central space heating in order to save space, energy, and money.

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