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Our Solutions

TAQA AlKhaleej offers modern fireplace solutions in Saudi Arabia through the most advanced fireplaces in the world. Planika natural gas fireplaces and bio-ethanol fireplaces have it all for the customers. Each solution is based on automatic features, unique design and the most natural golden flames.

We offer a wide range of Planika fireplaces in Saudi. These fireplaces which are made in Poland, are beautiful in design, efficient, environment friendly, and do not cause any harmful emissions.

There are two types of fireplaces: one that uses Natural Gas/LPG and the other uses bio-ethanol.

Also, Planika introduces indoor and outdoor fireplace types that offer its customers a unique experience in which authenticity blends with modern technology to give maximum comfort and beauty to its users.


Planika’s fireplace inserts can be customized to fit any exquisite project in Saudi. In order to meet the unique expectations, various length options of fire inserts are available. By placing several units together, it is possible to create the endless line of a real fire, as it has taken place in several high-class hotels and elegant residential projects. With no hard connections and exhaust system requirements, our fireplaces give unlimited arrangement possibilities to turn one’s vision into reality.

Stylish and exclusive, Planika’s fireplaces are perfect for both commercial and residential purposes.

The outdoor fireplace line allows the mesmerizing beauty of fire outside the apartment to take place.

Either at the grand gala in the hotel or at the back of one’s garden, Planika brings a touch of luxury utterly enhancing the atmosphere of the place.


The intelligent fire, now tamed with the patented technology, is the safest option to obtain the ambience of real flames that can be utterly controlled. Awarded with several international certifications, Planika lives up to the highest standards of safety.

There are multiple sensors, e.g. CO2 and temperature, that are connected to the microprocessor and guarantee the correct operation of the fireplace. Furthermore, thanks to patented BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours technology) where there is no direct contact between the fuel and the flame, the fire burns with no smoke, no smell and no ash.

Choose Planika’s most innovative and luxurious fireplaces, to feel the warmth of a real flame.

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